ISG International Women’s day Panel Discussion

In celebration of International Women’s Day our client wanted to shine a light on female employees’ stories and experiences, as well as construction as an industry where women can build a fantastic career.

As the company uses the Teams platform to communicate internally within their individual departments we sensed it best to utilise the Teams Live platform to broadcast a quality output and support a live stream to a public viewing audience on Teams Live. There was to be a small in-person audience but the majority of the audience was watching online so we had to ensure this too was a great experience. We supplied two remote operated PTZ cameras and a manually operated camera as a follow camera to capture the close up shots when guest presenters are speaking.

Our technical team communicated with each other to pick the best camera shots to select and send to the stream output for those watching online. The Teams live captured analytics of viewership and duration for us to feedback the success of the event.

This type of event has become quite common in recent times as clients like to broadcast events from the headquarters offices. JM Production takes time to work with the client to plan the space in preparation with renders of how the space will work and where technical equipment will be placed. We are essentially setting up a broadcast studio for the day with audio and video playback and guest participation.

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