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To all of our clients, freelancers & contractors
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  • eTimesheets is a free, simple-to-use, Android App
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freelance audio visual assignments

When you join our team you will find our support and pay rates are amongst the very best. Our friendly on-boarding process ensures you are always fully up-to-speed on your payment methods and compliance. Our simple-to-use online timesheet system ensures you have instant access to future bookings, and can quickly and easily submit your timesheets for payment the following week.

JacobsMassey’s high profile within the audio visual industry enables us to offer freelance AV professionals prestigious bookings at top venues. Our freelancers cover tech support, system integration, project management, video conferencing, meeting room support, live streaming, video production & editing, and live events. We supply audio visual technicians and engineers throughout the UK and Europe, across a wide range of top-flight clients, from law firms and investment banks, to public sector organisations and higher education facilities.

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what our clients say


“I have been using JacobsMassey since I joined the Museum of London in 2011. Since then, they have supplied technicians for many different things, including: events, support for galleries and exhibitions, audio-visual installations, training provision and video streaming. The Museum demands a great deal from technicians: the ability to deal with valuable clients in a high pressure environment; expert knowledge of complex audio & visual distribution systems; and the ability to quickly pick-up new technologies and use bespoke systems.

JacobsMassey make the process of booking technicians extremely easy through their online portal and they are also able to deal with last minute demands. Occasionally, emergencies have necessitated late evening phone calls for a technician early the next morning and I have always been impressed by how well they managed to meet these demands. To sum up, having worked with JacobsMassey for the past five years, they are my first point of call.”

David Satenstein
Senior Audio Visual Technician
Museum of London
graduating into AV careers

As part of JacobsMassey’s commitment to supporting AV Training and Education, we hav developed a Key Partnership with Middlesbrough College to promote their AV and Digital Media degree courses.

In these two videos we follow up with freelancers Lewis Sellars and Adam Murray on life since since graduating from their Middlesbrough courses. Both are now working in London, and they discuss their experiences as they start their careers in the Audio Visual industry.

av freelancing – frequently asked questions

  • What types of work and pay rates do you offer?
  • The work you may be offered will depend on your range of skills, flexibility and, of course, demand. Our rates of pay are very competitive, depending on the skills required and the length of booking. We pay you weekly, directly into your nominated bank account. Our services are free to freelancers and permanent candidates.
  • Who can work as a AV Freelancer?
  • We welcome any experienced AV professional, but all freelancers need to produce their passport and proof that they are eligible to work in the UK, even if they are a British Resident or Citizen. We also require you to provide two work related references.
  • Since 2015 HMRC (the ‘tax office’) has required all recruitment companies to report payment information and details for all freelancers. In order to freelance you will need to provide the following details about yourself:
    • Your Full Name and Address, including Postcode
    • Your National Insurance Number and your Unique Tax Reference (UTR)
  • If you have a Limited Company we will need:
    • Your company Certificate of Incorporation, your company Bank Account details and, if applicable, your Company VAT Registration details
    • If you don’t have a Limited Company we will need details of the Payment Vehicle (often called an Umbrella Company) that you use.
  • As from April 2017, there are revised HMRC rules for freelancing with Public Sector clients (Universities, Local Authorities, Museums, the NHS, etc). This means that a PAYE Umbrella is now really the only viable payment solution that can work for Freelancers, Clients and Agencies alike, safe in the knowledge that it complies with all current legislation and HMRC rules.

hear what our freelancers say

what should I do next

Experienced AV Freelancers should get in contact straight away – send us your cv and we will respond by email or phone to discuss your options. If you have not freelanced before we are happy to advise, there are a number of issues that you need to consider, and freelancing isn’t for everyone.

call 0203 980 9442 now to discuss freelance av opportunities