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promoting access to training

promoting access to av education and training

AV Degree Courses

As part of our commitment to supporting AV Training and Education, we are pleased to announce our Key Partnership with Middlesbrough College to promote their AV and Digital Media degree courses.

Awesome teaching and music and performance facilities featuring five recording studios, five control rooms and a live performance theatre and with Programme Leader, Jack Laidlaw (@Jack_Is_Sound) running the BSc AV Technology course.

Middlesbrough also run BSc courses in Sound and Music Technology, and Digital Video Production

Graduating into the AV Industry

JacobsMassey Freelancer Interviews

In these videos we follow up with freelancers Lewis Sellars and Adam Murray on life since since graduating from their Middlesbrough College AV degree courses. Both are now working in London, and they discuss their experiences as they start their careers in the Audio Visual industry.

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JacobsMassey Freelancer Interview
Lewis Sellars

JacobsMassey Freelancer Interview
Adam Murray

AV Industry Training Courses

As a member of AVIXA (Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association) and AVIXA – Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association we promote access to professional audio visual training and codes of best practice. We provide advice to new and existing AV professionals on attaining Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) accreditation and product specific training. We are committed to ensuring that employees, employers and freelancers in AV appreciate the merits of training and the opportunities it affords for growth and development.