Nuveen Town Hall Event

Nuveen as a company has a large international audience. When they approached JM productions to support their town hall event the discussion was focused on the audience experience of both the online audience of thousands and the in-person experience in the venue. Our technical team created accurate drawings and 3D renders of the event space to demonstrate how much room would be taken up by equipment. There were a series of columns through the centre of the main event space which seemed to obscure the view of some audience members. The drawings JM Productions helped gauge line-of-site by virtually navigating through the event space.

In order to enhance the experience, we designed the space to house a goalpost truss structure that tucked in behind the columns. This was used in part for displaying repeater screens for the audience that had difficulty viewing the entire stage area.

A 12m by 2.5m LED wall backdrop with picture-in-picture of the presentations on either side made an impressive showpiece given the restricted ceiling height of 3.33m. The technical team operated sound, graphics, lighting and presentation content to the room and vision mixed to the Zoom Webinar.

JM Productions provided support to a further two breakout spaces during the event which was well received by the organisers labelling the event as a success.

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