ISG Working Winning Project

In the construction and building industry, business presentations are an essential part of the sales process. For this project ISG requested us to help create a branded environment to present their ideas and overview of the project to their client clearly and effectively.

JM Production evaluated the request and visited the offices where the event would take place. Utilising to-scale CAD drawings we were able to visualise a bespoke backdrop digitally before fabricating a custom wrap backdrop with TV display inset.

Pre-event day our crew deployed equipment and constructed the designed canvas wrapped panels in-situ. The production team were designated a virtual gallery space to operate from situated to the side of where the event was being held. The crew operated high end PTZ cameras to allow a sharp quality image relay of the meeting to the client’s Google Meet link.

Ambient microphones were positioned in the event space to relay all participants audio in the room to the call. As capacity was limited within the event space the PTZ cameras occupy a small footprint, permitting discreet technology in the room allowing the client to focus on the delivery of the project.

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