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our team

Graeme Massey FIRP – our managing director

Graeme leads the JacobsMassey team that specialises in recruiting for the Audio Visual & Digital Media industries and production. His extensive market knowledge ranges from AV system integration, on-site service support, through to corporate video, managed and hybrid event production.

By making JacobsMassey a proven and valued recruitment partner, Graeme has built a high profile client portfolio ranging from investment banks, law firms, corporate HQ’s and conference centres through to audio visual companies and production agencies. He has successfully developed managed virtual and hybrid event services leading the company into the new event landscape.

From building AV support teams, appointing senior managers through to event production, Graeme’s unrivalled knowledge of corporate AV is invaluable for bench-marking salaries, candidate career advice, as well as implementing digital live event strategy.

to contact Graeme call 0203 980 9442 or 07769 681220


Niall Cunningham AIRP – our operations director

Niall heads up our freelance division as Operations Director. He coordinates all of the JacobsMassey registered freelancers for our existing and new client’s AV needs. Whether it’s for three months ahead, or the next day, we will fulfil your freelance requirements. We adhere to a strict on boarding process to ensure all of our freelancers are highly skilled, HMRC compliant, eligible to work in the UK, and fully referenced checked.

We are always on the look out for new AV talent for our freelancer division. So if you are interested in joining our freelance team, please give Niall a call to organise a meeting at our Soho offices.

to contact Niall call 0203 980 9442 or 07493 212464


Matthew De Gannes AIRP – head of permanent recruitment

Matthew heads our permanent recruitment division. He is an experienced delivery consultant with expertise in both AV and Digital Media, as well as IT. Highly personable and with an eye for detail, he offers informative advice, guidance, and assistance when you are looking either to start, or further your AV career. With a proven academic background in creative design and digital media, he has a passion for AV technology which is testimony to his success.

As your AV recruitment partner, Matthew works tirelessly to get results. Every candidate is qualified by him in detail. Consultancy with personality. Recruitment with integrity. So if you are seeking your next AV job or you’re hiring then call our permanent team today.

to contact Matt call 0203 980 9442 or 07826 808 983


Tamsyn Parry – our operations coordinator

Tamsyn assists our Permanent Division and Operations Team in sourcing candidates, freelancers and contractors. She has over 4 years of experience in HR resource administration, formerly working within the medical recruitment sector.

She is responsible for talent engagement and interview scheduling. In addition Tamsyn brings to JacobsMassey finance know-how providing purchase ledger support. Highly organised, with an eye for detail, she is an invaluable member of our growing team.

to contact Tamsyn call 0203 980 9442


Gabriel Thorp – our head of production

Gabriel is our Head of Production based at JacobsMassey’s MCR in Soho. With more than twenty years of experience providing Audio Visual technical support for the arts and corporate events industries, he brings to the studio team an invaluable understanding of how to prepare, develop and operate Audio Visual systems to support performances, live events, and exhibitions. In addition to planning, designing, and installing Audio Visual equipment for conferences, concert venues, and exhibition spaces, he provides expert advice on how to deliver managed virtual and hybrid events.

In our new live event landscape, Gabriel assists clients in the deployment of the very latest in AV technologies and platforms to deliver live events. Events that range from branded virtual meetings and webinars through to complex managed hybrid event solutions. Drawing upon an understanding of NDI networking and the mechanics of virtual event platforms that utilise features such as Q&A, Live Polling, breakout rooms, virtual exhibition stands, and attendee registration which can be extended to live captioning and simultaneous translations where required.

to contact Gabriel call 0203 980 9442 or 07584 357187


Josephine Lupprian – our senior events coordinator

Josie is our Senior Events Coordinator supporting JacobsMassey’s production division. She is an experienced events executive. Managing client aspirations from initial scope briefings through to final delivery of virtual and hybrid events. Liaising directly with clients and event stakeholders, she assists in raising quotes utilising cloud rental management software. All event documentation and event plans, from scope to completion, are coordinated together with presentation content for show build. She briefs Technical Leads and production crew ahead of events, attending technical meetings and dress rehearsals.

As your Senior Events Coordinator, Josie provides key pre-production support and post event analytics. Enabling you to deliver virtual and hybrid events seamlessly.

to contact Josie call 0203 980 9442 or 07423 573 624


Keenan Bailey – our lead av technician

Keenan is our Lead AV Technician supporting JacobsMassey’s production team. He brings over 15 years of experience covering a wide range of skills within AV, including and not limited to Audio Production, Live Sound, Recording and Sound Design. With a background in IT support for computer hardware, software, and remote networking his technical know-how extends to broadcasting technology within the Live Events industry. He provides guidance on the delivery of Virtual, Hybrid and Live Events. He has a proven background in working with a multitude of clients ranging from corporate and arts sectors, through to the music industry. Producing events such as exhibitions, seminars, live shows, performances as well as keynote addresses.

to contact Keenan call 0203 980 9442 or 07555 173520


Maha Badawi – our recruitment coordinator

Maha supports our permanent recruitment division. She is a graduate in Business Management from the London Business School specialising in service and administrative support. Experienced in HR supply chain management, candidate interview processing and on-boarding, Maha brings executive know-how to the team.
Alongside candidate profiling and producing recruitment sector analytics, Maha enables organisations to bench-mark salaries and implement strategic recruitment campaigns, managed by JacobsMassey.

to contact Maha call 020 3980 9442 or 07747 655927


preparing your cv – the first step towards a new av job

Know the role, know yourself

Writing your CV is a crucial first step in the career process. It needs to be clear and concise, reflecting your skills, knowledge and experience in the audio visual industry, and your suitability for the job. Keep your CV to no more than 2 pages. Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for bringing out the most relevant points from your career history. Read the job description carefully, identify the key requirements and be sure to emphasise those elements on your CV. This shows your understanding of the role, how you can fulfil its demands and your suitability for the job.


Put your personal details first, followed by a short statement of your AV skills, relevant experience and aspirations. List your employment history, starting with your current position and working backwards. Do not leave any unexplained gaps. Be sure to expand on any experience which clearly shows you have the skills required for the post. Briefly summarise older jobs to keep the CV short. Finish with your educational qualifications, any AV industry qualifications and relevant training courses completed.

The layout

Remember, first impressions count. Imagine you’re an employer with a large pile of CV’s to read. Layout your CV so that they can quickly scan the document for the key points. You need to stand out from the crowd, so do this by providing a CV that is easy to read and gets straight to the point.

Check and Check Again!

Check everything, not just spelling but each word and punctuation mark. Then check again. Get someone else to read your CV, in case you have missed something – a fresh eye will always prove useful and they may spot skills or qualifications that you have omitted. Remember, if you make errors in your CV, how are potential employers going to view that? They may well think that you will make similar mistakes if they give you the job.

Review and advice

We are always happy to review your CV and advise on how to achieve maximum impact.

for more advice and to discuss your av career options, call 0203 980 9442

interview techniques – hints and tips to get the perfect av job


The interview process begins with preparation. Make sure you know the basics i.e. date, time, address, and the names and job titles of the people interviewing you. Find out as much as possible about the company you are hoping to join. Their website should give you a good background on what the company does, where it sits in the market and the importance of the role you’re applying for within the organisation.

The role

Identify the key competencies of the job and think of examples in previous roles where you have demonstrated these. Think about what questions might be asked and how you would answer them. Be sure you’re clear on why this is the role for you. Think about your aims and objectives when you began seeking a new AV role.
Once an interview is arranged we will talk through the key points, ensuring you are fully prepared. If you have any questions before your interview contact us to clarify any issues.

The interview

Ensure you allow plenty of time to travel to the interview. Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes early to give yourself time to compose yourself. Always wear a suit, even if this is not the required dress code for the job.
During the interview answer questions clearly and confidently but limit your answers to no more than a couple of minutes. Be ready to ask your own questions. Remember, they are not just interviewing you, you are also finding out whether this is the right company and role for you. Interviews are very much a two way street.


After your interview let us know how you think it went. We can then give you any feedback from the client. This can be particularly useful for your preparation for a second interview.

for more advice and to discuss your av career options, call 0203 980 9442

you’ve got the new av job – how to handle the resignation process

The job offer

Once you have accepted a job offer we will take you through the resignation process. It is as important to get this part of the process right as your initial application. Only when you have your offer in writing, stating the salary and terms and conditions agreed, and have accepted it, do you resign from your current post.

This is usually done formally in writing. It only needs to be a letter simply stating the post you are resigning from and your intended date of leaving.

The response

You may be asked your reasons for moving, so be prepared. Often your current employer will offer you more money or additional responsibility to entice you to stay. This is known as “the counter offer”. Be prepared for this and remind yourself of the reasons you began seeking a new position in the first place. More often than not, the offer of a higher salary will not give you the changes you want and will frequently lead to thoughts of “why didn’t they pay me this before?”.

Moving on

Once you have formally submitted your resignation, ensure that you do all you can to make the transition as smooth as possible. Remember, the people you work with or the company you are leaving could be clients in your new job or a future role in the AV industry.